Flock of Angels

come to church and tell us

your ills the strife and the pains

everyone welcome

everybody in the place say wooohooo


say it loud like you can feel it


forget your troubles tonight

cos tonight like every night

the lord above is in this house of worship

like in every church or temple

say good day to the man

he’s the special guest of honour

just like you, yourself

he has kindly said he’ll be here for you

as long as you need and cherish the man

present your most amiable smile

to your friend on your right and the friend on your left

and hug that person tight

everybody in the house say wooohooo


greet him kindly

and with grace

a hello will suffice

cos you know he’ll miss you

from his flock

if you don’t  pray

and acknowledge him as your god


First add the queue to the private interface in the implementation file:

@interface ViewController () {

dispatch_queue_t myQueue;


The create it:


myQueue = dispatch_queue_create(“com.sample.example”, NULL);


com.sample.example is just a useful name, for debugging.

And finally,

dispatch_async(myQueue, ^{[self methodToCall]});


Sprite Kit enumerate nodes

Sprite kit



A way in Sprite Kit to enumerate all SKLabelNodes beginning with Square*:

// Remove all SKlNodes that begin with the name "Square*"

[self enumerateChildNodesWithName:@"Square*" usingBlock:^(SKNode*node, BOOL *stop){

[node removeFromParent];


// So for example Square could be Square1, SquareNode, SquareLabel or even Square2, etc.

//NOTE: there seems to be a bug using wildcards in the above enumerate expression

// so you might want to use blocks
[[self children] enumerateKeysAndObjectsUsingBlock:^(id key, id obj, BOOL *stop){

// do something with key and obj
SKNode *node = obj;

if(node containsPoint:antonymBox.position){
// do something here

// or try
NSArray*nodes =[self nodesAtPoint:[antonym.position]];
for(SKNode*node in nodes){//go through nodes
//or check the node against your nodes
if([node.name isEqualToString:@"antonym"]){//...}
if([node.name isEqualToString:@"synonym"]){//...}}
//or use
if([[node.name substringWithRange:NSMakeRange(0,3)] isEqual:@"pos"])
[node removeFromParent]; // so this will remove every node that begins with "pos", i.e. "pos1", "position", "possible" - etc


Objective 1.12

1.12 Install and configure various peripheral devices.
• Input devices
o Mouse
o Keyboard
o Touch screen
o Scanner
o Barcode reader
o Microphone
o Biometric devices
o Game pads
o Joysticks
o Digitizer
• Multimedia devices
o Digital cameras
o Microphone
o Webcam
o Camcorder
o MIDI enabled devices
• Output devices
o Printers
o Speakers
o Display devices